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David Freytes / Sebastian Halle

Walking down the Ramblas, we had the opportunity to talk a little with one of the most important figures in the Techno music industry of the UK. We got a brief introduction to someone with a long career and much to say about it. Let us introduce you to Mark Broom.

You have experienced the beginning of the electronic music scene. What has changed over the years and how would you describe the current situation?

Well, as you said, I’ve been there from the early days and I suppose the big difference is the technology. When I started producing back in the early 90s, it was all hardware-based. The equipment was harder to get access to. Obviously now, in today’s world, everything is there and easily accessible. Anybody can make music. So that’s the main difference for me. And there are many more artists now than there were back when I started.

Where is your favorite place to play your music?

When I don’t have to leave my home (laughing). When I’m just at home. No flights, no travel… No, no—I mean that’s always the hard part. But different clubs have different vibes, different crowds. It’s not just about the club, as well. Sometimes it’s about the whole package. Sometimes you get to hang out and meet new people. The whole process makes the night.

Do you prefer to play in big clubs or small clubs?

Always smaller clubs. When you play at bigger events, and I’ve not played at many, there’s no connection because you’re here and the crowd is four hundred yards away. When you’re in smaller venues, it’s nice when you’re on the same level as the people.

What are your current projects? Are you working on something specific or do you have future plans?

I’ve just been working on my own productions. I’ve got my own label, Beardman, so I’ve been getting the release schedule together for 2017. We’ve got new releases from Patrik Carrera from Berlin, Discrete Circuit from Berlin, and there are going to be two EPs from me, one featuring a Head Front Panel remix. The Patrik Carrera EP, which is coming out in February, has a Makaton remix which is very strong. Then, I’ve got an EP coming out via EPM that’s got a DJ Hyperactive remix. There are also plans for me and James Ruskin to get back together to continue The Fear Ratio project that we were doing, which is a bit more Electronica. So there’s enough going on and loads of remixes as well.

Do you have any specific track right now that is special for you or one track that you want to play in every session that you do right now?

Well, there are tracks I always play, for example my edit I made of Floorplan’s “Never Grow Old,” but most of the time you want to play your latest music you’ve been making in the studio, so I’ve got a lot of new productions I want to test out. As I said earlier, I’ve been doing a lot of remixes that I’m going to try out.

What is the percentage of your own tracks that you like to play during a session?

Usually I play 60% or 70% my own productions. I mean, that’s why you make music. My music is club music, so it’s perfect to play.

How was playing in R33? What do you think about the crowd here in Barcelona?

Excellent. It was a success. It’s pretty cool because they’re into a journey of different styles— sometimes hypnotic, sometimes the funky, disco style. So that’s what I try to do, not always go in one line, but a bit up and down.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not DJing?

I listen to a lot of hip-hop and a lot of dark reggae and dancehall, but then I like bands like The Coral, The Drums from New York, so I’m open to everything.

When was the last time that you played here in Barcelona?

I think it might have been at an EPM party with Oliver Way and Robert Hood, and that was many years ago.

Thanks so much, Mark. We hope to see you back in Barcelona again soon.

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